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The fee to post a job listing/advertisement on is based on the length of the posting period:

  • Special Offer: We have a "special offer" whereby a job listing is actively posted for up to three full months or the application deadline in your advertisement, whichever comes first, for only CAD 295 Use Discount code Canada295 at checkout. Three-month job listings are especially attractive when recruiting for senior administrative posts and in areas with tight job markets, posting multiple jobs within a job listing, or gearing up early to recruit at professional meetings, or announcing scholarships.
  • Frequency Job Postings Plans at reduced rates are available to employers posting ten or more job listings per twelve-month time period. You can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in your recruitment budgets while maximizing the exposure of your job openings. For a fee schedule, contact Please include the anticipated number of job listings.
  • To increase the diversity of your applicant pools we offer Diversity/Affirmative Action Applicant E-mail Notifications and also a Diversity Package. See details below.

Paying for your job listings:

After posting your job listing the contact person included in the Employer Account will receive an invoice with payment instructions via email. Payment can be either by college, university, or company check, purchase order, or credit card.

Since 90+% of our customers select the three-month period we invoice assuming you want to take advantage of our three-month offer. If you prefer the standard listing, please click on the e-mail link when entering the job listing and let us know.

The job listing fees include:

  • To increase the quality and diversity of your applicants the DIVERSITY PACKAGE is currently automatically included with each job posting. The DIVERSITY PACKAGE also includes: Diversity/Affirmative Action Applicant E-mail Notifications and cross-postings on partner websites.
  • Diversity/Affirmative Action Applicant E-mail Notifications: While other sites often only list jobs, using push-technology we immediately notify applicants in our database about your jobs. Being proactive is the best way to enhance the quality and diversity of the applicants.
  • Cross-posting of your search on partner job sites to reach beyond the traditional pool of applicants.
  • Posting of the job listing on for either one month to up to three full months.
  • Maximum exposure: job listings on are accessible for applicants every day, every month, year round on the World Wide Web.
  • An Employer Profile with each job listing.
  • Review for marketability, presentation and clarity, of your job listing by our experienced Editorial staff.
  • For each job listing you can select up to four job categories, so it is possible to include more than one search within a single job listing.
  • No deadlines or delays: you can post your job whenever you are ready and your job is immediately visible to applicants.
  • Access to your Employer Account to manage, add, delete, or modify your Employer Profile and job listings.
  • Access to our database of applicant resumes with matching job categories.

We do not charge extra for premium listings, e-mail alerts, employer profiles, or any other services.

Job listings will be automatically removed on the application deadline included in the job listing or at the end of the one or three-month job posting periods, whichever comes first.

International payments: For payments from outside the US: Please make sure the check is in US$ and payable through your local bank's US branch or agents. To avoid bank and foreign exchange fees you can use the credit card payment option.

Tear sheets/proof of placement: If your purchasing department (or anyone else) requires tear sheets or proof of the actual posting of a job listing, after posting the job listing, please go to the Employers page, scroll down and click on your institution and then your job listing. Print the job listing, as it appears to applicants around the globe. Important: job listings self-destruct on the expiration date of the job listing and it will no longer be possible to provide you with a hard copy.

Affirmative Action Link package: To increase the diversity of your applicant pools we also offer an "Affirmative Action Link package." This is an alternative to the Frequency Job Postings Plans (whereby you post each individual advertisement.) The Affirmative Action Link Package is a generic & permanent job listing in which the college/university describes its commitment to diversity, invites minority candidates to review its current faculty & staff job openings and encourages minority applicants to apply. A web address (URL) will be included to your college/university web site with your current job openings. The generic job listings can be placed in 1, 2 or all our job categories for a six-month time period or a twelve-month time period. For a fee schedule, contact

Taxes: The above fees are excluding any sales, added value, or other taxes. If you country, state, or local government entities require tax payments, it is your responsibility to pay these directly to the appropriate taxing authority.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us via email at or telephone USA 610-964-9200.

All use of the web site is subject to the terms and conditions incorporated in the Copyright and Liability Statement & Terms of Service Agreement, which can be found under the Legal tab.

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